Real Estate

We help real estate agents, property appraisers, and inspectors

With EmailLargeFile, you can set up and maintain one or more file packages per each of your customers.

Each file package becomes essentially a file locker box. You can safely store your client's documents and other correspondence in the secure place until the closing. Keep your customers e-mail addresses in one of the managed address books for easy access. We will let you know if your customer opted-out of your mail list.

With our secure submission system it's almost impossible to send an attachment to a wrong customer. You can assign a password to each individual file package. Or you can override that password during the submission. Thus, the file package becomes protected by multiple levels of security. At any time, you can add and remove files to and from packages even after you sent them to your client. Rename and copy files, add new versions, move them between packages, or hide the files as needed.

Set an expiration date to make sure the package expires shortly after the closing, and it will automatically archive itself on a given date.

You clients can securely upload documents back to you via the drop box page You know what they do - the manage to scan a small 10-page document in color instead of b/w, which quickly grows over 100MB in size. No e-mail provider would allow such a large file to go through. We help you to overcome the file size problem. Just ask your client to upload the file to your Emaillargefile.Net dropbox. Once they upload the file we'll send you a text/SMS or email.

See an example of how a real estate professional could add our dropbox to their website.

Our parent company uses EmailLargeFile dropbox too, see for yourself.

University, College, or School

We provide our services to major universities

Teachers and professors often need to send the same course material to all students. E-mailng it may become a burden, especially if it contains large presentations or videos. Maintaining Outlook address books, folders and messages for different classes and subjects makes it even more complex.

With our service you upload the files only once, combine them into a Class Materials package and submit to the whole class in three clicks. The students will get the link and download the files. You'll see who got the files first and who did not open them until the night before the quiz. No worries, we will tell you which e-mails are undeliverable and cross them out in your Address Book.

What if you just noticed that you sent the old presentation instead of the current one? Not a problem! Upload the new PPT or PDF into the same package. No need to publish it again. The students already have the link.

When time comes to collect the homework, send them the drop box link. They'll upload their papers and you don't even have to open your e-mail to check who is late!

You can also post videos right from your cell phone. Your students will be able to see them in minutes - anywhere in the world.

If being the world famous is not your goal, lock up your packages by adding custom rules to disable access from outside of the college network.

File Transfer for Insurance

We work with agents, producers, and adjusters

Insurance agents communicate with insurance brokers and customers often at the same time. The workflow turns complex and include various documents: e-mails, letters, policies and endorsements. The paperwork is often sent back and forth multiple times for verification and approval.

You can combine multiple files into a document package per customer or per broker.
Emaillargefile.Net is secure and HIPAA compliant. It can be integrated with your agency management software or complement your existing file- or document management solution.

Insurance adjusters can use cell phones to take pictures of property damage. They can upload the files to the EmailLargeFile storage without powering up a laptop.

If your IT or Benefits departments prefer storing the agency data in-house, that's not a problem. Our corporate plan includes integration of our service into your office workflow. Depending on your needs, we can even develop a custom solution to make your users and your IT folks happy.
We are experts in document management. If you are looking for a document management solution, let us know.

In this world without boundaries you can use extra layers of protection applied to your electronic documents. Assign geographical rules, filters and blocks based on countries, areas, or organizations to allow or disallow access to your file packages. In the world driven by competition, secure handling of your important data is crucial to your business success and prosperity.

Media Transfer and Delivery

We help photographers, translators, and musicians

Are you are an artist, photographer, musician, or a writer?

When you need to send your materials to a publisher or an agent, upload them to an EmailLargeFile.Net package. Then submit the package to your recipients in as little as 3 mouse clicks. When they receive and open the package we will notify you via an SMS/text message and/or e-mail, per your choice.

From your Macbook or iPad you can see how many times they opened your work, or how often they played your file, where geographically they did it, and if they forwarded it to anyone. Sometimes when you see that there were more people watching or playing your materials it may be encouraging.
On the other hand, if you noticed that your agent hasn't even opened the package you could give him a shout or.. it might be the time to look for another agent.

When your contact or customer requests media delivery - EmailLargeFile.Net not only will facilitate that, it'll help you prove that they received it. Use our delivery notification system to record the events of opening the package and downloading the files.

To further protect your authorship you can use our service to easily set geographical rules, filters and blocks based on countries, areas, and organizations who can or cannot open your media package. Proper media handling procedures play an increasingly important role in protecting intellectual property.

If you are a software developer, you can use our service for delivering your software projects to clients. Currently, all our plans include a dropbox feature, which is convenient for exchanging data with your team, partners and customers. Many businesses including our parent company Pixel Transitions, use EmailLargeFile dropbox for file upload and data exchange.

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