EmailLargeFile.NET vs Competition

A quick look at where EmailLargeFile.NET stands against other file transfer web services


EmailLargeFile Filemail WeTransfer TransferNow Dropbox
Monthly Cost $9.95 $12.00 $12.00 $9.98 $12.00

What's Included

File Retention Permanent
or Custom
Deleted after 30 days! Custom Deleted after 30 days! Permanent *
Address Book 500,000 recipients No data Max 50 recipients Max 40 recipients No data
Unlimited Downloads Yes Yes No No No data
Tracking/Geo Report Yes Tracking only Tracking only Tracking only n/a
SMS/Text Notifications Yes No No No n/a
Branding/Customization Yes No Yes Yes n/a
Organize Files in Packages Yes No No No n/a
Receive Files Yes No Yes Yes Yes
GeoFencing & Routing Yes No No No What's that?
Multiple User Accounts Yes ‡ No No No Pay extra
True Cloud Technology Yes Pay extra No No Yes
Data Storage Location USA Norway Netherlands, USA France USA
HIPAA Compliance Yes No No No Pay extra
Max Upload Size 4GB 4GB 4GB 4GB 2GB
Try for $1.49
Limited time!
‡ 1 account owner/admin + 1 authorized user.   Upgrade to Pro for 10+ users.

* Technically speaking, is not an e-mail delivery service, it's a file storage service with replication capabilities.
Attention: if you delete a file from the Dropbox account it may quetly disappear from your hard drive.. Don't ask how we know.

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